Project Description

The GM Fairfax assembly paint shop addition was initiated in order to take advantage of thin film technology upgrades. Other upgrades include reduction of volatile organic compound emissions and up to a 50 percent reduction in energy consumption during the painting process.

In partnership with Hunt Electric, Capital Electric installed the PTED and process conveying systems. The scope of work included installing 844 conveyor beds, 10 VDL lift conveyors and 36 turntables. Electrical installation included 140,000 feet of power wiring, 31,000 feet of cable tray, 400 motor controllers, 44 VFDs and 51 control panels.

GM Fairfax Assembly Paint Shop Addition

  • Location: Kansas City, Missouri
  • Power Wiring: 140,000 feet
  • Cable Tray: 31,000 feet
  • Motor Controllers: 400