excavate deep in the earth, and install conduits without disturbing the surface of the ground.  Our fleet of equipment, our machinery, and our tool inventory are continually being maintained and upgraded in order to meet these requirements.

The inherent risks involved with construction and maintenance of large, high voltage facilities and power lines require extensive training and knowledge, incorporating rigid safety practices above and beyond those normally associated with construction crafts.

Our journeyman linemen and field supervisors are graduates of the NJATC outside apprenticeship training program. This training consists of a minimum of 7,000 hours of on-the-job, hands-on line work, plus satisfactory completion of extensive classroom and correspondence courses prior to an apprentice being certified by the federal Bureau of Apprentice Training (BAT) as a journeyman lineman. Our equipment operators and ground personnel receive initial and ongoing training in the areas of equipment operation, special safety procedures, OSHA, and other governmental requirements. Capital Electric is proud to provide only qualified and safety conscious workers for our customers' projects.