Capital Electric Line Builders specializes in the design, installation, and maintenance of overhead and underground transmission and distribution systems, substations, traffic signalization, and roadway and area lighting. Additionally, we provide engineering and planning services, including right-of-way and real estate acquisition for our electric, telecommunication, and gas and water utility customers. We offer complete design, drafting, and reproduction services utilizing the latest releases of AutoCADŽ and SAG10T as well as internally developed software for pole loading analysis.

Rapid response to our customers' emergency and storm restoration needs is a major segment of our business. We are keenly aware of the adverse effects electrical outages have on homes and businesses and we strive to restore services as fast and safely as possible.

The nature and diversity of our business requires a large and varied fleet of trucks and equipment. Capital Electric Line Builders must reach high in the air, lift heavy structures and materials, string miles of electrical conductors in a single pull, drill and